Hello everyone! I don’t have nothing better to do this last weekend of August than make a lot of holes and give free stuff, sooooo
to participate in this game/giveaway you have to come to my town with a shovel, the train station zone will be full of holes where you can find DLC, normal, unorderable and rare stuff, perfect fruit, bells, etc,etc, pitfalls etc,etc. and all you have to do is try your luck and choose one!

Once everyone in your group have their item I’ll end sesion.

You wanna come again? Okey! but please, let others join too and wait a bit ;v; (Also, note that tumblr sometimes eats messages so if I dont reply to you feel free to message me again.)


1. Reblog this post and send me an ask with your FC.
2. I’ll let you know when you can come to my town and my FC. Please, try to be at time ;; 
3. You don’t need to follow, but followers have priority.
4. Don’t wander outside the station’s area.
5. Once you get an item, you can’t change it.
6. If you dig a trap unless you want it too much, bury it again and choose another.
7. Wait in the pavement zone.

I think this is all for now, if you have any question let me know~

Time zone: CET.
-Today, August 30 (Saturday) From 7:10PM to - 9/10PM (but maybe I’ll do some more)
-August 31 (Sunday)